Chinese Christian Organization New Generation to Inherit the Mission Hopes to Say Goodbye to the ‘Elderly Conference’

On April 17th, the Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism (CCCOWE) held a conference “CCCOWE Night”, in which Pastor Chen Shiqin and President Peng Shurui had a conversation to find out how CCCOWE could reach people of different age groups in response to Jesus’ Great Mission.

CCCOWE Crosses Generation Gaps in Response to Great Mission

During “CCCOWE Night” in the Christian Tribune live stream, Pastor Chen Shiqin, General Director of CCCOWE, pointed out that the CCCOWE Movement has a 42-year history. They promote the heart of God to Chinese churches around the world. Since the younger generation of believers have a vague impression of CCCOWE, he hopes that such movement could also create an intergenerational influence and reach people of different age groups to respond to Jesus’ Great Mission in this era.

Peng Shurui, Chairman of United Mission of Taiwan, said that a sister noticed that out of more than 1,000 participants, there were only two people under 30 years old at a CCCOWE conference and these two people were part of the CCCOWE team. She felt that the CCCOWE conference seemed to be an “elderly conference”.

Peng believes that for a vision to be continuously passed along, it must be carried out constantly instead of being placed on a wall as a slogan. In particular, CCCOWE is not only a conference that happens once in five years, but it is a continuous movement, therefore constant communication is a must.

New and Old Generations Work Hard Together

He thinks that both the older generation and newer generation need to work hard together. The older generation need to use new languages and methods to communicate the CCCOWE vision to the new generation in Chinese churches. They need to continue to do so without stopping. The new generation has their responsibilities too. They need to have a universal view of church. They should not only consider their personal needs or the needs of their own church, but also see that all believers are a part of the universal church.

Pastor Cheng Shiqin mentioned that the CCCOWE Movement must “become flesh” like the Word, which means all CCCOWE committees around the world need to care for the new generation who have different languages and cultures and must meet the standard “We say what we do” or “We do what we say”.

Regarding the adjustments and changes of the CCCOWE Movement, he admitted that the process is not easy, but he will try harder. For example, organize an international training every year to implement the training of a disciple’s lifestyle and strengthen the links between different regions.

He pointed out that together with Chinese Christians in Italy, Spain, France and Holland, a European Chinese Mainland Regional Committee has been established and it is a platform to link with other Chinese churches. The purpose is to help Chinese churches think outside of the box, so they interact with other churches and learn from each other.

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