JCF In A Release Said It Was Aware Of The Public Pronouncements Made By “INDECOM”

The JCF in a release said it was aware of the public pronouncements made by INDECOM last week at a press conference and takes the allegations very seriously and would like the matter to be probed further.

“As a direct result, we have written to INDECOM asking them to provide us with the information regarding their public claims to facilitate further investigation,” the police high command said in a statement.

“The JCF is giving the public an undertaking that the matter will be thoroughly investigated and we will assist in bringing any member found in breach of the law to justice,” the statement said.

“We continue to carry out our audits, which are done by the Inspectorate of Constabulary (IOC) and the Ministry of National Security. Since the start of this year, three such audits have been undertaken, each lasting for approximately four weeks. This, as we continue to bolster our accountability framework and as things arise bring them to the attention of INDECOM as well as carry out our own internal investigation,” the police high command said.

Police said as stated by INDECOM “A significant minority of dishonest officers disproportionally impugn the majority of honest officers”.

INDECOM in its quarterly report said the repeated allegations of planting firearms is beyond anecdote.

“Planting guns and other forms of evidence at scenes of crimes has in fact been a long-standing practice by rogue members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force to bolster weak cases,” INDECOM said in its quarterly report, noting that it’s a troubling feature for which the JCF must take responsibility to eradicate.

“The repeated allegations of planting firearms is beyond anecdote. Reference can be made to a host of internal JCF reports and international papers, but equally the numerous injured civilians who claim never to have had a weapon when shot, and witnesses who were present when a person was shot and killed without a weapon,” said INDECOM in its report.

And the body went further.

“At a Coroner’s Inquest in 2012, a Government Ballistic Expert testified that the issue of previously submitted firearms being ‘recovered’ again was a well-known problem at the Forensic Laboratory.

“This feature, whereby the recovered firearm is discovered as having already been in police possession and submitted to the Forensic laboratory has been witnessed again as recently as 2018 and where witnesses allege ‘planting’,” the report stated.

INDECOM stated that another recent fatal shooting investigation revealed that the firearm, purported to have been found with the dead man, was undermined by the fact that the same weapon was already recorded in police records as having been recovered elsewhere a month before.

“The ballistic examination of a police MP5 weapon, held within the police armoury, revealed that spent casings recovered from the scene of two alleged civilian murders matched the police weapon,” the INDECOM report stated.

INDECOM has since made several recommendations one of them is that all recovered weapons and ammunition should be so safely secured and under police control, with sufficient audit trail and accountability, so as to prevent loss or misappropriation.

“The presence of such recovered weapons being discovered at secondary shooting scenes gives rise to significant suspicion of the police accounts provided,” INDECOM stated

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