The ‘Queen’ Of Controversy Ishawna’s Govana Counteraction Tops YouTube

The ‘queen’ of controversy, Ishawna, is back at it again with her newest single, ‘One and Lose’.

The song, which was officially released on Friday, has already amassed more than 100,000 views and is currently number one on YouTube’s coveted Trending list.

Said to be a counteraction to Govana’s One and Move, the song is also produced by Good Good Production on their Do It rhythm.

One and Move is also trending and is currently number three on the list.

While Govana spits lyrics about a girl he wished he hadn’t had relations with because she has been causing problems in his life ever since, Ishawna deejays about the man she regretted having relations with because the sex was subpar.

Although the song makes no direct reference to Govana, it has sparked debate surrounding whether he and Ishawna were in a relationship and if that relationship has since ‘gone bad’.

Some social media users have referred to the lyrics of the song as shots fired at Govana and are anticipating, somewhat, a response from him.

Whether or not Govana responds, Ishawna’s female fans are pleased with her counteraction.

Pointing out that the straight-talking deejay has always defended women, her loyal fan base has thrown its full support behind the song.

“My artiste this enuh. This is nothing personal by the way, she’s just singing for us females and I love it,” one fan commented on YouTube.

“It’s called a counteraction, it’s not a diss or remix or anything, just supmn Ishawna has been doing for years to male dancehall artistes to give a female perspective,” another said.

Ishawna has been flooding the music scene in recent weeks with the release of her Instaboy and Slippery When Wet music videos.

Both songs have been causing quite a stir on the local scene, with the latter having gone viral since its release a week ago.

The video has been getting rave reviews for it’s steamy ‘sex’ scenes.

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