There Was A Rush On Several KFC Outlets On Chicken Deal

There was a rush on several KFC outlets as the restaurant launched its ‘Crazy Tuesdays’ promotion that offers customers seven pieces of chicken for $995.

The demand for chicken was so great that by minutes to 1 p.m., the KFC restaurant on King’s Street (South Parade) ran out of cooked chicken after numerous persons had already purchased their seven-piece deals.

While customers waited for their numbers to be called, the announcement from servers that they had run out of cooked chicken caused a slight uproar.

“Dem should a know say dem fi cook more chicken cause dem know people a go rush di deal,” one woman shouted as she clamoured for a refund.

However, about 10 minutes later, several trays of chickens were brought out to the joy of the waiting crowd.

Among those was Shelly, who was waiting to collect her seven-piece deal.

“It’s a good deal cause di big deal a $750 and yuh only get three piece a meat,” she said.

“Although mi woulda like di fries, mi nuh mind it, enuh, cause yuh can’t too greedy. Dem done a give wi horse so we can’t expect saddle to. Mi a go find one likkle bread or so and eat until mi belly full and carry di rest fi mi daughter.”

Shantel, a cashier at the establishment, said that although they generally have a large crowd at that time of the day, yesterday’s crowd was larger than usual.


She noted that most of the orders that she had cashed since she started working involved the Crazy Tuesdays deal.

“It a go like crazy. A lot of people buy the seven-piece, but some of them don’t buy the Crazy Side (four biscuits and a family size fries for $500). But it is not a deal if you’re not buying the sides,” she told THE STAR.

Likewise, the line at the KFC location at the intersection of Port Royal Street and King Street in downtown Kingston stretched to the door.

Camille, who came to the establishment to purchase the seven-piece deal, said that she decided to leave and buy two patties instead because it would take too long for her to reach the front of the line.

“Mi did want fi try it, but mi can’t wait pon this ya line ya,” she said as she stood pondering her next move.

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