“Bawl Out” Cover By Chozenn Banned From Radio Stations

Chozenn’s gospel remake of Dovey Magnum raunchy smash hit single ‘Bawl Out’ has been banned from at least one radio station in Jamaica.

According to Nadine Blair, programmes supervisor of LOVE FM, the station’s board recently issued a directive that the controversial single should not be played on air again.

Blair says the move comes after it was revealed that there is a split in public opinion on whether the song can actually bring souls to the Kingdom of Christ.

She added that other tracks from Chozenn will still be played on the radio station.

LOVE FM was launched in 1993 and is owned and operated by the National Religious Media Commission. The station now ranks fourth among more than 20 stations locally, according to the most recent edition of the All Media Survey conducted and published by Marketing Research Services Limited.

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