Taxi Man Beat For Fare And Was Charged With Bodily Harm & Malicious Destruction Of Property

A taxi man who was charged with assault and bodily harm and malicious destruction of property will have to return to court on June 8 to hear how much he should pay for restitution to the complainant.

Ricky Harriott pleaded guilty in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday. Harriott attacked the complainant after they argued over taxi fare.

Reports are that while travelling to Half-Way Tree, the complainant gave Harriott a $1,000 bill which upset him.

“Anytime unnu nuh wah pay fare unnu come wid $1,000,” the defendant was quoted as saying.

“Afta $100 a nuh nothing,” the complainant was said to have replied.

After demanding change from the complainant, it is reported that she exited the car.

The court heard that Harriott believed she slammed the door and went after the complainant and assaulted her.

The court heard that a cell phone, watch and handbag were damaged in the incident.

The complainant received $4,000 as part of restitution for her cell phone, which cost $10,000. However, she said she was not sure of the value of the other items.

Both persons are to return to court in June to determine the amount due for restitution.

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