This Right? Said Chozenn Cornflakes And What?

This song is a no no what kind of song is this they have the kids singing Huh!!!
So hold on, this right?
Cornflakes and what?
Listen if you people don’t want me to remix and turn bad into good stop do bad then simple.
Then I don’t see the church banning or condemning this. Aren’t we the watchmen of this nation are we’ll continue to play it safe and look the other way until it reach our doorsteps. #lastdays oh chozenn apologize you made a mistake.
God won’t convict me for doing good until I’m convicted by the Holy Spirit I’ll shut up this is madness. Then we wonder why rape and murder rising our youths minds are being poisoned subliminally right in plain sight. #staywoke #thenetisthenewradio mighty God of Daniel 😳😡

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